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  • Human Origins Genotyping Lab, University of Arizona -- the lab gave an excellent tour of their facilities and their project.
  • Dr. Barry Pryor's Lab, Alternaria Online, University of Arizona -- Graduate students Joe Vaughan and Periasamy Chitrampalam engaged the campers in hands-on experiments of visualization and identification of fungi.
  • Dr. David Hearn, from Mike Sanderson's Lab, University of Arizona - Dr. Hearn gave an excellent presentation with fun hands-on activities about plants and why scientists study plant structure.
  • Dr. Rod Wing's lab, University of Arizona -- Dr. Paul Sanchez gave a tour of the rice greenhouses on campus and engaged the students in discussions about why rice is important.
  • Ravi Palanivelu's lab, University of Arizona - Dr. Palanivelu gave an interactive lecture on plant pollination during which the students saw how technology is used to aide scientists.
  • AZ-LIVE, University of Arizona -- Marvin Landis entertained and informed the campers about 3D visualization in the Arizona CAVE facility.
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