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Test Images with some Dielectric Specularities

The official source for this data is elsewhere, and the the appropriate web resource reference to the data is one of
However, the associated meta data is likely to be corrected/updated more frequently in this version of the interface.

Questions, comments, and problems with this data should be directed to Kobus Barnard

This directory contains some the data presented in:

Kobus Barnard, Lindsay Martin, Brian Funt, and Adam Coath, " Data for Colour Research," Color Research and Application, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp. 148-152, 2000.

(The appropriate archival reference for this data).

This data in this directory is used in the following publications:

Kobus Barnard, Brian Funt, Linday Martin, and Adam Coath, " A comparison of color constancy algorithms. Part two. Theory and experiments on synthetic data," Submitted for publication, October 2000

Chapter 4 of Kobus Barnard, " Practical Colour Constancy ," Phd thesis, Simon Fraser University, School of Computing (1999)

The data was collected by Lindsay Martin, Kobus Barnard, and Adam Coath, under the guidance of Kobus Barnard in Brian Funt's Computational Colour Vision Laboratory.

Data Description

See the overview page for a description of the data.

The Data

A montage of all these scenes AND all the non-specular scenes under one illuminant (157 KB).
(This is actually Figure 4.10 of Kobus's thesis. )

A montage of one of the scenes from the joint specular/non-specular set under all illuminants (76 KB).
(This is actually Figure 4.11 of Kobus's thesis. )

All the images (8 bit tiffs, 31.6 MB)
(Recomended for most applications)

All the images (16 bit tiffs, 152.2 MB)
(The 16 bit images have only a small amount of extra data beyond the 8 bit images--the true dynamic range of the images is 9-10 bits).