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GLUT_polymesh Class Reference

Detailed Description

provides an easy way to add a glut submenu that handles a full polymesh to your application. This class only creates the menu, it's up to the user to add it to the main glut menu. Upon creation of the submenu, the user has to provide a callback (polymesh_submenu_callback) that will be called every time one entry in the polymesh submenu will be selected. Optionally, an empty callback can be passed, if the user does not need to take any further action. It is also up to the user to call the keyboard_callback provided in this class in the glut keyboard callback when appropriate. This class provides a submenu entry for each parameter of the camera. Upon selection, the keys 'j' and 'k' allow the user to increment or decrement the value of each parameter by the increment_step for that parameter. Each increment_step can be specified by the user. The user can also decide to use different characters (ie characters other than 'j' and 'k').

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