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Recent_log_recorder< Model > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Recent_log_recorder< Model >, including all inherited members.

BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT((BaseModel< Model >))Recent_log_recorder< Model >
get() const Recent_log_recorder< Model >inline
Model_type typedefRecent_log_recorder< Model >
operator()(const Model &, const Step_log< Model > &step_log)Recent_log_recorder< Model >inline
operator+=(const Step_log< Model > &op)Step_log< Model >inline
Recent_log_recorder(size_t n=0)Recent_log_recorder< Model >inline
Step_log()Step_log< Model >inline
Step_log(const Step_result< Model > &result)Step_log< Model >inlineexplicit
Value_type typedefRecent_log_recorder< Model >