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kjb::Bezier_curve Class Reference

#include <m2_spline.h>

Inheritance diagram for kjb::Bezier_curve:
kjb::Spline_curve kjb::Cloneable

Public Member Functions

 Bezier_curve (int degree=3, int dimension=3)
 Bezier_curve (const Bezier_curve &src)
virtual ~Bezier_curve ()
Bezier_curveoperator= (const Bezier_curve &src)
virtual Bezier_curveclone () const
 Processes an Option from program command-line arguments. More...
kjb::Vector evaluate (double u) const
kjb::Vector gradient (double u) const
void set_control_point (int index, const Vector &pt)
const kjb::Vectorget_control_point (int index) const
Nurbs_curve to_nurbs () const
 Convert to a mathematically equivalent nurbs curve. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from kjb::Cloneable
virtual ~Cloneable ()
 Deletes this Cloneable. More...

Detailed Description

Bezier curve of arbitrary dimension.

Kyle Simek

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kjb::Bezier_curve::Bezier_curve ( int  degree = 3,
int  dimension = 3 
kjb::Bezier_curve::Bezier_curve ( const Bezier_curve src)
virtual kjb::Bezier_curve::~Bezier_curve ( )

Member Function Documentation

Bezier_curve * kjb::Bezier_curve::clone ( ) const

Processes an Option from program command-line arguments.

Implements kjb::Cloneable.

Vector kjb::Bezier_curve::evaluate ( double  u) const
The current implementation of evaluate() currently converts to a nurbs object and then evaluates the nurbs object. As a result, this may be slower than expected.

Implements kjb::Spline_curve.

const Vector & kjb::Bezier_curve::get_control_point ( int  index) const
Vector kjb::Bezier_curve::gradient ( double  u) const

Implements kjb::Spline_curve.

Bezier_curve & kjb::Bezier_curve::operator= ( const Bezier_curve src)
void kjb::Bezier_curve::set_control_point ( int  index,
const Vector pt 
Nurbs_curve kjb::Bezier_curve::to_nurbs ( ) const

Convert to a mathematically equivalent nurbs curve.

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