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kjb::Filter Member List

This is the complete list of members for kjb::Filter, including all inherited members.

at(int row, int col)kjb::Filterinline
at(int row, int col) const kjb::Filterinline
check_bounds(int row, int col) const kjb::Filterinline
Filter(int rows, int cols)kjb::Filterinline
Filter(const Matrix &src)kjb::Filterinline
Filter(const char *fname)kjb::Filterinline
Filter(const std::string &fname)kjb::Filterinline
Filter(const Filter &src)kjb::Filterinline
get_num_cols() const kjb::Filterinline
get_num_rows() const kjb::Filterinline
operator()(int row, int col)kjb::Filterinline
operator()(int row, int col) const kjb::Filterinline
operator*(const Image &, const Filter &)kjb::Filterfriend
operator*(const Matrix &, const Filter &)kjb::Filterfriend
operator=(const kjb::Matrix &src)kjb::Filterinline
operator=(const Filter &src)kjb::Filterinline
swap(Filter &other)kjb::Filterinline
Value_type typedefkjb::Filter
write(std::string fname)kjb::Filterinline