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kjb::Ransac_line_fitting Class Reference

#include <g2_ransac_line_fitting.h>

Public Member Functions

 Ransac_line_fitting (const std::vector< Vector > &observations_, size_t num_inliers_required_, double threshold_)
bool run (size_t max_num_iter)
Line get_best_line () const
double get_best_fitting_error () const
const std::vector< Vector > & get_consensus_set () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kjb::Ransac_line_fitting::Ransac_line_fitting ( const std::vector< Vector > &  observations_,
size_t  num_inliers_required_,
double  threshold_ 

Ctor for using ransac to fit line

observations_a set of 2D points num_inliers_required_ the minimum number of data required to fit the model threshold_ a threshold value for determining when a datum fits a model

Member Function Documentation

double kjb::Ransac_line_fitting::get_best_fitting_error ( ) const
Line kjb::Ransac_line_fitting::get_best_line ( ) const
const std::vector<Vector>& kjb::Ransac_line_fitting::get_consensus_set ( ) const
bool kjb::Ransac_line_fitting::run ( size_t  max_num_iter)

Running the RASAC for the max_num_iter iterations Return ture if it found a model

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