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kjb::Weight_array< D > Member List

This is the complete list of members for kjb::Weight_array< D >, including all inherited members.

begin() const kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
begin()kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
cbegin() const kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
cend() const kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
const_iterator typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
convex_combination(const Weight_array< K > &weights, const boost::array< Weight_array< M >, K > &components)kjb::Weight_array< D >friend
Data_type typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
end() const kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
end()kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
Filter typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
iterator typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
normalize()kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator!=(const Self_t &left, const Self_t &right)kjb::Weight_array< D >friend
operator*=(const Self_t &right)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator*=(const Val_type &scale)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator*=(const Filter &filter)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator+=(const Self_t &right)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator+=(const Val_type &offset)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator/=(const Self_t &right)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator/=(const Val_type &scale)kjb::Weight_array< D >
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Weight_array< M > &wa)kjb::Weight_array< D >friend
operator==(const Self_t &left, const Self_t &right)kjb::Weight_array< D >friend
operator[](const size_t &position) const kjb::Weight_array< D >
Self_t typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
total_mass() const kjb::Weight_array< D >
Val_type typedefkjb::Weight_array< D >
Weight_array()kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
Weight_array(const Data_type &values)kjb::Weight_array< D >inline
Weight_array(InputIter start, InputIter end)kjb::Weight_array< D >inline