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semantics::Nonterminal_db Class Reference

#include <Nonterminal_db.h>

Inheritance diagram for semantics::Nonterminal_db:

Public Member Functions

 Nonterminal_db ()
 Nonterminal_db (std::string file)
const Key_typeunknown_key ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from semantics::Token_map
 Token_map ()
 construct an empty token map More...
virtual ~Token_map ()
 translate key into code More...
virtual Val_type get_code (const Token_map::Key_type &key)
 look up code associated with key, or return UNKNOWN_TOKEN_VAL More...
virtual Val_type encode (const Key_type &key, bool learn=false)
 look up code associated with key, adding it if not found More...
virtual const Key_typedecode (const Val_type &val)
 look up key associated with code More...
virtual Val_type next_val ()
 gets the next unused code available (e.g., for UNKNOWN) More...
const_iterator begin ()
const_iterator end ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const Key_typestop_key ()
static const Key_typelow_freq_key ()
static const Key_typeroot_key ()
static const Val_typeroot_code ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from semantics::Token_map
typedef std::string Key_type
typedef size_t Val_type
typedef boost::bimap< Key_type,
typedef Map::value_type Key_val_pair
typedef Map::right_value_type Val_key_pair
typedef Map::const_iterator const_iterator
- Static Public Attributes inherited from semantics::Token_map
static const Val_type UNKNOWN_TOKEN_VAL = 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from semantics::Token_map
Map map_
Val_type next_val_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

semantics::Nonterminal_db::Nonterminal_db ( )
semantics::Nonterminal_db::Nonterminal_db ( std::string  file)

Member Function Documentation

const Nonterminal_db::Key_type & semantics::Nonterminal_db::low_freq_key ( )
const Nonterminal_db::Val_type & semantics::Nonterminal_db::root_code ( )
const Nonterminal_db::Key_type & semantics::Nonterminal_db::root_key ( )
const Nonterminal_db::Key_type & semantics::Nonterminal_db::stop_key ( )
const Key_type& semantics::Nonterminal_db::unknown_key ( )

Implements semantics::Token_map.

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