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semantics::Semantic_step_event Class Referenceabstract

#include <Semantic_step_event.h>

Inheritance diagram for semantics::Semantic_step_event:
semantics::Tree_event semantics::Head_semantic_event semantics::Mod_semantic_event semantics::Null_semantic_event

Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Semantic_step_event
- Public Types inherited from semantics::Tree_event
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Tree_event
typedef Token_map::Val_type Value_type
typedef Token_map::Key_type Key_type
typedef std::vector< Value_typeData_type
typedef Value_type Word_type
typedef Value_type Tag_type
typedef Value_type Label_type
typedef Value_type Distance_type
typedef boost::tuple
< Word_type, Label_type,

Public Member Functions

virtual Event_ptr get_a_copy (bool learn=false) const =0
void print (std::ostream &os) const
 display this node's data in human readable form More...
virtual void update_step (const Step_code_t &val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from semantics::Tree_event
virtual ~Tree_event ()
 virtual destructor More...
virtual double log_probability (const bool &collins=false) const =0
 compute log probability of this event More...
virtual void release_view_counts ()
 turn off learn_ and remove counts from database More...
virtual void reacquire_view_counts ()
 turn on learn_ and add counts to database More...
virtual void update_event_views ()=0
 update event views More...
virtual void update_semantic_context (const Sem_hash_pair &, const Sem_hash_pair &)
 update semantic parent and head (if they exist) More...
virtual void resample_table_assignments ()=0
 resample CRP table assignments for all component event views More...
virtual void print_view_counts (std::ostream &) const =0
 pure virtual dummy — instantiated versions display count data More...
virtual void print_with_links (std::ostream &) const
 virtual function, does nothing at base level More...

Protected Member Functions

 Semantic_step_event (bool learn)
 Semantic_step_event (Data_type data, bool learn)
virtual ~Semantic_step_event ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from semantics::Tree_event
 Tree_event (bool learn)
 construct an empty event with data to be filled at derived level More...
 Tree_event (const Data_type &data, bool learn)
 construct an event with data prespecified More...
virtual const Key_slots::Mapvar_map () const =0
 return reference to the map between variable names and positions More...
const Key_typedata_as_word (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as word More...
const Key_typedata_as_nonterminal (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as nt More...
const Key_type data_as_semantic_step (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as step code More...
const Key_typedata_as_semantic_head (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as semhead More...
const Key_typedata_as_semantic_args (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as semargs More...
const Value_typedata_as_code (const Key_type &variable) const
 look up data entry in position <variable> and return as code More...
Value_typedata_in_slot (const Key_type &variable)
 return data in position as lvalue More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from semantics::Tree_event
static Lexicon_dblexicon ()
static Nonterminal_dbnt_lexicon ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from semantics::Tree_event
static bool VERBOSE = false
static const int WORD = 0
static const int TAG = 1
static const int LABEL = 2
static const int HEAD = 0
static const int ARGS = 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from semantics::Tree_event
Data_type data_
bool learn_

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

semantics::Semantic_step_event::Semantic_step_event ( bool  learn)
semantics::Semantic_step_event::Semantic_step_event ( Data_type  data,
bool  learn 
virtual semantics::Semantic_step_event::~Semantic_step_event ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual Event_ptr semantics::Semantic_step_event::get_a_copy ( bool  learn = false) const
pure virtual
void semantics::Semantic_step_event::print ( std::ostream &  os) const

display this node's data in human readable form

Implements semantics::Tree_event.

void semantics::Semantic_step_event::update_step ( const Step_code_t val)

Reimplemented in semantics::Null_semantic_event.

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