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g_camera.cpp File Reference
#include <g_cpp/g_camera.h>
#include <g_cpp/g_quaternion.h>
#include <l_cpp/l_exception.h>


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


template<class VectorType , class MatrixType , class M_MatrixType >
VectorType kjb::backproject_dispatch_ (const VectorType &homo_screen_coord, const MatrixType &camera_matrix)
Vector3 kjb::backproject (const Vector3 &homo_camera_coord, const Matrix_d< 3, 4 > &camera_matrix)
 Same as backproject(), but using Vector3. More...
Vector kjb::backproject (const Vector &homo_screen_coord, const Matrix &camera_matrix)
template<class VectorType , class MatrixType >
VectorType kjb::backproject_with_m_inv_dispatch_ (const VectorType &homo_screen_coord, const MatrixType &M_inv)
Vector kjb::backproject_with_m_inv (const Vector &homo_screen_coord, const Matrix &M_inv)
Vector3 kjb::backproject_with_m_inv (const Vector3 &homo_screen_coord, const Matrix_d< 3, 3 > &M_inv)
 Same as backproject_with_m_inv(), but using Vector3. More...
Matrix kjb::lerp_extrinsic_camera_matrix (const Matrix &m1, const Matrix &m2, double t, bool use_slerp=false)
 Linearly-interpolate a two extrinsic camera matrices. More...
Matrix kjb::lerp_extrinsic_camera_matrix (const std::vector< Matrix > &extrinsic, const std::vector< double > &timestamps, double t, bool use_slerp=false)
 Linearly-interpolate a set of extrinsic camera matrix at given timestamps. More...