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1 #ifndef GR_SPHERE
2 #define GR_SPHERE
3 #include <m_cpp/m_vector.h>
4 #include <m_cpp/m_matrix.h>
5 #include "m/m_incl.h"
6 #include <i_cpp/i_image.h>
7 #include <i/i_draw.h>
9 namespace kjb
10 {
12 class Sphere{
13 public:
14  double GetRadius() const;
15  const kjb::Vector & GetCenter() const;
16  //Contructor for radius & center
17  Sphere(kjb::Vector & center, double radius);
18  Sphere();
19  void drawSphere(void);
20  static void init();
21 private:
22  double radius;
23  kjb::Vector center;
24 };
26 }
27 #endif
void drawSphere(void)
Definition: gr_sphere.cpp:34
Definition for the Matrix class, a thin wrapper on the KJB Matrix struct and its related functionalit...
Definition: gr_sphere.h:12
static void init()
Definition: gr_sphere.cpp:57
This class implements vectors, in the linear-algebra sense, with real-valued elements.
Definition: m_vector.h:87
double GetRadius() const
Definition: gr_sphere.cpp:29
const kjb::Vector & GetCenter() const
Definition: gr_sphere.cpp:24
Code for a wrapper class around the C struct KJB_Image.
Definition for the Vector class, a thin wrapper on the KJB Vector struct and its related functionalit...