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i_filter.cpp File Reference
#include "i_cpp/i_filter.h"
#include "l/l_sys_lib.h"
#include "m2/m2_ncc.h"
#include <m/m_convolve.h>
#include "i/i_convolve.h"


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


Filter kjb::gaussian_filter (double sigma, int size)
 Create a Gaussian filter with given sigma and size. More...
Filter kjb::laplacian_of_gaussian_filter (int size, double sigma)
 Create a Laplacian of Gaussian filter. More...
Image kjb::operator* (const Image &image, const Filter &kernel)
 Convolve an image with a filter. More...
Image kjb::gauss_sample_image (const Image &in, int resolution, double sigma)
 this wraps C function kjb_c::gauss_sample_image (q.v.). More...
Matrix kjb::operator* (const Matrix &in, const Filter &mask)