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l_functors.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>

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class  kjb::Increment< T >
 Generator that increments (++) its state everytime it is called. Useful for creating sequences of contigous values. More...
class  kjb::Increase_by< T >
 Generator that increases (using +=) itself by the given value everytime it is called. More...
class  kjb::Index_less_than< T >
 Predicate that compares the kth element of a indexable type. More...
class  kjb::Select_coordinate< V >
 Selects a coordinate from a vector type. More...
class  kjb::Identity< T >
 Identity function. More...
class  kjb::Every_nth_element< T >
 Predicate that returns true every nth call. More...
class  kjb::Compare_address< T >
 Predicate that returns true if address of element equals given. More...
class  kjb::Get_address< T >
 Functor that returns the address of a given object. More...
class  kjb::minimum< T >
class  kjb::maximum< T >


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.