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layer.cpp File Reference

Functions helping manage the layer struct. More...

#include <l/l_sys_lib.h>
#include <l/l_sys_io.h>
#include <l/l_sys_mal.h>
#include <l_cpp/l_util.h>
#include <topo_cpp/layer.h>
#include <topo_cpp/LatLong-UTMconversion.h>


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.
 this namespace hold structures and code written by Scott Morris.


double kjb::TopoFusion::dist (const pt a, const pt b)
 compute approx. Great Circle distance between two UTM points More...
double kjb::TopoFusion::segmentLength (const seg *s)
 computes the length of a segment More...
void kjb::TopoFusion::initLayer (layer *l)
 clear all the fields of a layer (pointers assumed to be dangling) More...
void kjb::TopoFusion::destroyLayer (layer *l)
 release memory in the layer's tracks and waypoints arrays More...
void kjb::TopoFusion::initTrack (track *t)
 clear the fields of a track (like a default constructor) More...
void kjb::TopoFusion::initWaypoint (waypoint *w)
 clear the point.ele field of a waypoint (and that's all). More...

Detailed Description

Functions helping manage the layer struct.

Scott Morris
Alan Morris
Andrew Predoehl

Functions for managing and computing statistics for 'layers' with possibly multiple tracks, waypoints, etc. Originally from TopoFusion. I (Andrew) radically simplified many data structures, as apparent below.