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m_vector.cpp File Reference

Definition for the Vector class methods. More...

#include "m_cpp/m_vector.h"
#include "m_cpp/m_matrix.h"
#include "m_cpp/m_mat_view.h"
#include "m_cpp/m_vec_view.h"
#include "l_cpp/l_int_vector.h"
#include "sample/sample_gauss.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <algorithm>
#include <sstream>
#include <ostream>
#include <iomanip>


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


Vector kjb::create_gauss_random_vector (int length)
 Construct a vector with values drawn from a standard Gaussian distribution (mean 0, variance 1);. More...
Vector kjb::operator* (const Vector &op1, const Matrix &op2)
 Return product of op1 (as a row-vec) times matrix on the right. More...
Vector kjb::operator* (const Matrix &op1, const Vector &op2)
 Compute product of this matrix (on the left) and a column vector (on the right). More...
bool kjb::operator== (const Vector &op1, const Vector::Impl_type &op2)
 Test for exact equality between vectors. More...
bool kjb::operator< (const Vector &op1, const Vector &op2)
 Test weak lexicographic ordering between vectors. More...
Vector kjb::cross (const Vector &op1, const Vector &op2)
 Compute cross product of op1 and op2. More...
std::ostream & kjb::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Vector &m)
 Display vector contents in an ASCII format. More...
std::ostream & kjb::stream_write_vector (std::ostream &ost, const Vector &m)
 Write vector to an output stream so it can be read with read_vector. More...
std::istream & kjb::stream_read_vector (std::istream &ist, Vector &m)
 Read vector from an input stream. More...
std::vector< Vector > kjb::get_transpose (const std::vector< Vector > &m)
 Treat a std::vector of kjb::Vectors as a matrix and get its 'transpose'. More...
Int_vector kjb::floor (const Vector &realv)
 Build an Int_vector that is the element-wise floor of a real Vector. More...
kjb::Vector kjb::create_uniformly_spaced_vector (double a, double b, unsigned n)

Detailed Description

Definition for the Vector class methods.

Kobus Barnard
Kyle Simek
Andrew Predoehl

The Vector class is a thin wrapper on the KJB Vector struct and its related functionality.

If you make changes to this file, PLEASE CONSIDER making parallel changes to l_int_vector.cpp, whose structure closely parallels the structure of this file. Tip: use vimdiff on both files to show the parallel structure.