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psi_util.h File Reference
#include <m_cpp/m_vector.h>
#include <gr_cpp/gr_2D_bounding_box.h>
#include <camera_cpp/perspective_camera.h>
#include <g_cpp/g_quaternion.h>
#include <detector_cpp/d_deva_detection.h>
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_util.h>
#include <l/l_word_list.h>
#include <l/l_sys_io.h>

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 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


enum  kjb::psi::Simulator_type { kjb::psi::CARTWHEEL_SIMULATOR, kjb::psi::CYLINDER_SIMULATOR }


kjb::Perspective_camera kjb::psi::make_camera (double height, double tilt, double focal_length)
Vector kjb::psi::project_and_unstandarize (const Vector &x, const Matrix &P, double w, double h)
 Project the 3D point x to image coordinate using camera matrix P and make the top left as the origin. More...
const std::string & kjb::psi::get_name (Simulator_type type)
std::istream & kjb::psi::operator>> (std::istream &ist, Simulator_type &type)
std::ostream & kjb::psi::operator<< (std::ostream &ost, Simulator_type type)
void kjb::psi::standardize (Deva_detection &boxes, double cam_width, double cam_height)
 move coordinate ssystem origin to center of image More...
void kjb::psi::prune_by_height (std::vector< Deva_detection > &deva_boxes, double screen_width, double screen_height, const Perspective_camera &camera, double avereage_height)
 Prune the deva boxes based on the average entity height. More...