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pt_gaze.h File Reference
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_complete_trajectory.h>
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_box_trajectory.h>
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_entity.h>
#include <m_cpp/m_vector_d.h>
#include <detector_cpp/d_facecom.h>
#include <detector_cpp/d_bbox.h>
#include <vector>

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 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


bool kjb::pt::get_corresponding_entity (const Bbox &face_box, const Box_trajectory_map &body_trajs, Entity_id &entity_id, size_t index, double overlapping_threshold=0.4)
 Get the corresponding person based on the face box. More...
void kjb::pt::estimate_gaze_direction_from_data (const Box_trajectory_map &btrajs, Trajectory_map &trajs, const std::vector< std::vector< Face_detection > > &face_data)
 Estimate the gaze direction from face.com. More...
template<class InputIterator >
void kjb::pt::estimate_gaze_direction_from_data (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, const Box_trajectory_map &btrajs, Trajectory_map &trajs, size_t frame)
 Estimate the gaze direction from face.com. More...