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pt_scene_diff.h File Reference
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_scene.h>
#include <people_tracking_cpp/pt_scene_posterior.h>
#include <diff_cpp/diff_gradient.h>
#include <m_cpp/m_vector.h>
#include <diff_cpp/diff_hessian_ind.h>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>

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class  kjb::pt::Scene_gradient
 Wrapper for generic gradient function. More...
class  kjb::pt::Scene_hessian
 Wrapper for generic hessian function. More...
class  kjb::pt::Gradient_adapter< G >
 Wraps Scene_gradient to work with ergo::hmc_step. More...
class  kjb::pt::Pixel_move
 Functor designed to move 3D points by pixels in image plane. More...


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


template<class G >
Gradient_adapter< G > kjb::pt::make_gradient_adapter (const G &grad)
 Utility function that makes a gradient adapter. More...
std::vector< double > kjb::pt::trajectory_gradient_step_sizes (const Scene &scene, bool infer_head=true)
 Compute the step sizes that equivalent to movement of 1 pixel in image coordinate. More...
void kjb::pt::make_max (const Scene &scene, const Scene_posterior &pt, const std::vector< double > &ss, bool infer_head)
 Ensures posterior is at max (wrt a given step size). More...