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ratpoint.cpp File Reference

Implementation for rational-coordinate points, line segments. More...

#include <l/l_sys_lib.h>
#include <l_cpp/l_util.h>
#include <qd_cpp/pixpath.h>
#include <qd_cpp/ratpoint.h>


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.
 support for the path algorithm I call the quasi-Dijkstra method.


bool kjb::qd::is_intersecting (const PixPoint_line_segment &, const PixPoint_line_segment &)
 Test whether two closed line segments intersect. More...
RatPoint kjb::qd::line_intersection (const RatPoint_line_segment &, const RatPoint_line_segment &)
 find intersection point of nonparallel lines through these segments More...
RatPoint::Rat kjb::qd::triangle_area (const RatPoint_line_segment &s, const RatPoint &apex)
 find signed area of triangle defined by segment endpoints and apex. More...
bool kjb::qd::is_on (const RatPoint_line_segment &s, const RatPoint &c)
 test whether a given point lies on a given segment More...
bool kjb::qd::is_intersecting (const RatPoint_line_segment &s, const RatPoint_line_segment &t)

Detailed Description

Implementation for rational-coordinate points, line segments.

Andrew Predoehl