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sample_concept.h File Reference
#include <boost/concept_check.hpp>
#include <boost/concept_archetype.hpp>
#include <sample_cpp/sample_base.h>

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struct  BaseModel< X >
struct  ModelEvaluator< Func, Model >
struct  ModelProposer< Func, Model >
struct  VectorModel< X >
struct  ModelRecorder< X >
struct  Updatable< X >
struct  Annealable< X >
class  base_model_archetype
class  vector_model_archetype
class  model_evaluator_archetype< Model >
class  model_proposer_archetype< Model >
class  model_recorder_archetype< Model >


template<class T >
size_t dimensionality (const T &v)

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template<class T >
size_t dimensionality ( const T &  v)