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sample_default.h File Reference
#include "sample_cpp/sample_concept.h"
#include "sample_cpp/sample_base.h"
#include "l_cpp/l_exception.h"
#include <boost/bind.hpp>

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struct  Move_model_parameter_as_plus< Model >
 Default move function; uses '+'. More...
struct  Constant_parameter_evaluator< Model >
 Returns the same result no matter what model is received. More...
class  Numerical_gradient< Model >
 Approximates the gradient and/or curvature of a target distribution, evaluated at a certain location. The user must provide the mechanisms to change the model (see constructor). More...
class  Constrained_target< Model >
 Adapts a target distribution to be one with bounds. More...
class  Posterior< Model >
 Generic posterior class. More...