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Todo List
File download.cpp
use of socket headers and functions violates libkjb design philosophy.
Member kjb::Fftw_convolution_2d::Fftw_convolution_2d (int data_num_rows, int data_num_cols, int mask_max_rows, int mask_max_cols, int fft_alg_type=FFTW_MEASURE)
see if this has a bug when the given mask is smaller than the dimensions given here: it might cause the output to shift.
Class kjb::File_Ptr_Smart_Read
attempt_unzip() uses system(); should be kjb_system(), but that fails.
Class kjb::Heartbeat
: show some sample output here
Member kjb::Image::from_color_matrix (const Int_matrix &m)
finish the documentation here
Class kjb::qd::PixPath
replace map with a multimap containing the indices along the path that hit each point.
Member kjb::qd::PixPath::nearest (const PixPoint &, const_iterator *q=00) const
(a repeat of an earlier point) replace map with multimap so we could find indices of hitpoints in log time.
Class kjb::qd::Redblack_subtree_sum< SATELLITE_TYPE >
Consider using XOR instead of addition by LOCATOR_BASE, which would eliminate any possibility of overflow. Unfortunately then the weak invariant "loc is invalid or loc >= LOCATOR_BASE" holds no more. Would "loc is invalid or loc ^ LOCATOR_BASE <= size" be true? useful?
File l_stdio_wrap.cpp
fix system call, which would be better if it were kjb_system
File m2_spline.h
  • Subdivisions of nurbs curves and polybezier curves
  • Fitting splines to data points
  • Nurbs surfaces