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vanishing_point.h File Reference
#include "m_cpp/m_vector.h"
#include <l_cpp/l_readable.h>
#include <l_cpp/l_writeable.h>
#include <i_cpp/i_image.h>
#include <edge_cpp/line_segment.h>

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class  kjb::Vanishing_point
 A vanishing point for a set of parallel lines in an image. More...


 Classes and functions for dealing with trajectory files.


void kjb::read_CMU_vanishing_points (std::vector< Vanishing_point > &vpts, double &focal_length, std::string file_name)
void kjb::draw_mid_point_to_vanishing_point (kjb::Image &img, const Line_segment &segment, const Vanishing_point &vpt, double ir, double ig, double ib, double width)
bool kjb::find_vanishing_point_given_one_and_line (const kjb::Vanishing_point &vp1, double focal, unsigned int img_cols, unsigned int img_rows, const Line_segment &ls, Vanishing_point &vpt)
bool kjb::find_third_vanishing_point (const kjb::Vanishing_point &vp1, const kjb::Vanishing_point &vp2, double focal, unsigned int img_rows, unsigned int img_cols, Vanishing_point &vpt)
bool kjb::read_hedau_vanishing_points (std::vector< Vanishing_point > &vpts, double &focal, const std::string &file_path, unsigned int num_cols, unsigned int num_rows)
bool kjb::find_vertical_vanishing_point (Vanishing_point &vp1, Vanishing_point &vp2, Vanishing_point &estimated_vertical, unsigned int img_cols, unsigned int img_rows)