dbi_mat - (MACRO) Debug printing of an integer matrix


#include "l/l_sys_debug.h"

Example compile flags (system dependent):
   -L/home/kobus/misc/load/linux_x86_64_opteron -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
  -lKJB                               -lfftw3  -lgsl -lgslcblas -ljpeg  -lSVM -lstdc++                    -lpthread -lSLATEC -lg2c    -lacml -lacml_mv -lblas -lg2c      -lncursesw 

void dbi_mat(const Int_matrix *mp);


This macro prints an integer matrix, along with the variable name, file, and line number on standard error. Its behaviour is a function of the debugging level, which can be set through the option "debug" if the KJB library options are being made available to the user. The macro is available for both development and production code, but since the default debug level is different in the two cases, the behaviour is different. The default level for development code is 2, whereas for production code it is 0. If the debug level is 1 (or more), then the output is printed to standard error using regular KJB library output routines. Note that this is different from more basic debug macros where a debug level of 1 is used to print using system routines and a debug level of 2 or more is used for printing using KJB library routines. (The special behavour of debug level 1 in the case of the more basic debug macros is provided to help debug the KJB library I/O routines themselve). If the debug level is 0 (default for production code), then the output is disabled.


This software is not adequatedly tested. It is recomended that results are checked independantly where appropriate.


Kobus Barnard


Kobus Barnard


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