write_vector_vector_full_precision - Writes a vector vector to a file specified by name


#include "m/m_vec_io.h"

Example compile flags (system dependent):
   -L/home/kobus/misc/load/linux_x86_64_opteron -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
  -lKJB                               -lfftw3  -lgsl -lgslcblas -ljpeg  -lSVM -lstdc++                    -lpthread -lSLATEC -lg2c    -lacml -lacml_mv -lblas -lg2c      -lncursesw 

int write_vector_vector_full_precision
	const Vector_vector *vvp,
	const char *file_name


This routine outputs a Vector_vector to a file specified by the input file name. "file_name" is a pointer to a character array containing the name of the file to write the vector vector contents to. If "file_name" is NULL or equal to '\0', output is directed to STDOUT. Otherwise, the file is created or the existing copy is overwritten. "vvp" is a pointer to the Vector_vector whose contents are to be written. The output format depends on the magnitude of the values in the vector vector. If the maximum is < 0.01 or greater than 10000, the data is written in exponential format according to the format string "%10.3e". Otherwise the vector vector elements are written in fixed format according to "%9.5f".


NO_ERROR on success, or ERROR on a file close error.


This software is not adequatedly tested. It is recomended that results are checked independantly where appropriate.


Kobus Barnard


Lindsay Martin


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