ISTA 352: Images: Past, Present, and Future (Fall, 2013)

A significant portion of the human brain is devoted to understanding spatial data and its relation to the world. Through the ages humans have naturally developed external representations of such information for communication, planning, understanding, and entertainAngus Forbes ment. Further, the digital age has led to an explosion of images available to everyone in forms that are convenient to share, manipulate, and automatically mine for information. In this thematic course we will study images from perspectives that transcend disciplines, and applicable to many of them, including the arts, science and biomedicine, computational intelligence, geography, and security. We will study what images are, how images are stored and distributed, the reproduction of images, how they can be manipulated, using images for visualization, and extracting semantics from images.

Time and Place

10:00AM - 10:50AM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, R P Harvill Bldg, Rm 210

Taught by Kobus Barnard

Kobus Barnard
Office: Gould-Simpson 927A. (hours)
Email: kobus @    (remove blanks around the @)


An introductory programming course (e.g., ISTA 130), basic matrix algebra, and basic calculus (e.g. Math 124 or equivalent).

The calculus requirement can be waived for students who are sufficiently familiar with functions and Cartesian coordinates that they could enroll in in Math 124.

Syllabus   (Textbook, outline, grading, policies, etc.).

All other course information and materials is in D2L.