ISTA 410/510: Bayesian Modeling and Inference (Spring, 2013)

Time and Place

1:30-2:45, Monday and Wednesday, Bio Sciences West, room 210


Kobus Barnard

Office: Gould-Simpson 927A
Office Hours:     (Follow link to get times and instructions.)
Email: kobus @    (remove blanks around the @)

Teaching Assistant

Ernesto Brau
Office hours: Tues 1-2pm and Thurs 11am-12pm in GS 927C
Email: ernesto @    (remove blanks around the @)


Many students will find this course intellectually demanding. The assignments will include both mathematical excercises and implementing computation in computer programs. The prerequisites listed in the syllabus amount to programming competence and comfort with basic calculus, linear algebra, and probability and statistics. If your background in any of these areas is weak (e.g., perhaps you studied the particular topic a long time ago), you will be responsible for compensating as needed.

Syllabus   (Textbook, outline, grading, policies, etc).

Slides, videos and supplementary documents     (currently restricted to UA)

Schedule of due dates and links to assignments

Due (9am the following morning)
Approximate points
Assignment 1 Wednesday, January 23
10(U) 10(G)
Assignment 2 Sunday, February 03
10(U) 10(G)
Assignment 3 Wednesday, February 13
10(U) 10(G)
Take home midterm 1 Sunday, February 24
10(U) 10(G)
Assignment 4 Wednesday, March 06
10(U) 10(G)
Assignment 5 Sunday, March 24
10(U) 10(G)
Assignment 6 Thursday, April 04
10(U) 10(G)
Take home midterm 2 Sunday, April 21
10(U) 10(G)
Take home final Sunday, May 5
20(U) 20(G)