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White Point Estimation for Uncalibrated Images (color constancy)

Vlad Cardei, Brian Funt, and Kobus Barnard " White Point Estimation for Uncalibrated Images ," Proceedings of the IS&T/SID Seventh Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems and Applications, 1999, pp. 97-100.


Color images often must be color balanced to remove unwanted color casts. We extend previous work on using a neural network for illumination, or white-point, estimation from the case of calibrated images to that of uncalibrated images of unknown origin. The results show that the chromaticity of the ambient illumination can be estimated with an average CIE Lab error of 5DE. Comparisons are made to the grayworld and white patch methods.

Keywords: colour, colour constancy, neural network color constancy

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